The scale is designed for weighing babies and toddlers in medical institutions.

The scale may also be used at home.

Hold function: the scale provides stable weighing of wriggling babies.

Attractive design, comfortable infant scale made of maintenance-free plastics.

Quarto-Tronic is a fully electronic scale with four strain-gage cells for fast and accurate weighing.

M-20 Infant and Toddler Scale
Weighing range: 20
Sensitivity: 10
Response time, m/sec: 300
Warm up time, sec: 5 sec
Operating temperature: 5
Number of weighing: 100.000
Consumed power, W:: 0.18
Power source: 17R8H battery, 9 V
Dimensions, mm: 530 x 300 x 100 
Additional characterizes
Plastic casing
Reading fixation
Automatic switch off to save battery charge
Weight, kg: 4




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