The strategy is the fundamental core of the company management, which should ensure its sustainable economic development, and increase the competitiveness of its products and services.

Acceleration of changes in the environment, emergence of new requests and changes of consumer’s position, increasing competition for resources, opening up new unexpected business opportunities, due to the achievements of science and technology, development of information networks, wide availability of modern technologies, changing role of human resources, and a number of other causes led to a sharp increase of the strategic management importance.

Medium-term and long-term development strategy of JSC FOTON provides for an output growth on average by 10percent. The growth in production is anticipated due to the of new types of products – new models of cash registers and television sets, the development of electronic scales and products, aimed at the development of energy-saving technologies.

The strategic decisions at this stage include: reconstruction of the Company, introduction of new products and technologies, organizational changes in the legal form of the Company, and the structure of production and management, wages, access to new markets.

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The main area of activity of the Joint Stock Company (JSC FOTON) is development and production of electronic equipment and integrated circuits for electronic facilities, as well as manufacturing of various electronics products.


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