Saydumarov Marifkhoja AbdukarimovichChairman of the Board
Rakhmatov Akhmad ZaynitdinovichProduction Director
Shorakhmedov Shukhrat Shoabdurakhimovich Marketing Director
Ganiev Ravshan SaydumuratovichDirector, HR, Regime and Social Issues
Boltaev Sadat GuchchievichChief Accountant
Abdullaev Gayrat SamatovichChief Engineer
Abdurakhimov Nosyr EkubovichTechnical Services Manager
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The main area of activity of the Joint Stock Company (JSC FOTON) is development and production of electronic equipment and integrated circuits for electronic facilities, as well as manufacturing of various electronics products.


  • E-mail
  • Phone +99871 236-01-16
  • Adress 13, Amir Temur str., Tashkent, Uzbekistan.