• Mastery and serial production of semiconductor devices: diodes, high-voltage piles, low-noise field-effect transistors, integrated microcircuits

The production of most types of semiconductor devices is certified for compliance with International Standards ISO 9001: 2008, and issued with certificate registered under No. СВС.01.43431.0544.14, dated 10.10.2014.

  • Development, serial production of radio electronic products for household and industrial use (latest-generation television receivers, modern cash registers, infant scales).

The production of consumer goods is certified for compliance with International Standards ISO 9001:2008, and issued with certificate registered under No.UZ. SMT. 04.007.01114 dated 15.04.2014.

Main types, features and fields of applications of semiconductor devices.

JSC FOTON carries out production of semiconductor devices of more than 50 part types, including:

  • 28 part types of fast-acting rectifier diodes;
  • 3 part types of high-voltage rectifying piles;
  • 9 part types of low-noise field-effect transistors;
  • 21 part types of microcircuits, including hybrid ones.

FOTON’s semiconductor devices feature:

  • Unique combination of their parameters, in particular:
    • The semiconductor rectifier diodes of small dimensions have an optimal relationship of response time, forward voltage drop and maximum allowable inverse voltage in a wide range of direct currents, from 0.3 А to 30А;
    • The high-voltage rectifying piles have record small dimensions in a wide range of direct currents from 1mA to 50 mA, and maximum allowable voltages from 2 kV to 10 kV with necessary response speed for modern devices;
    • The field-effect transistors have record low noises in a wide range of frequencies (from 1 kHz to hundreds mHz) at drain currents (from 0.3 mA to 50 mA) required for modern devices, and at ultimate voltages (up to 30 V).
  • Design specifics which increase their resistance to mechanical stress.
  • The best price-quality ratio in comparison with analogues produced in the Russian Federation and other countries.

The semiconductor devices manufactured by JSC FOTON are used in all electronic facilities of all classes.

Technologies used:

JSC FOTON, in its production of semiconductor devices and integrated microcircuits, applies the following main technologies:

  • machining (cutting and polishing) of semiconductor materials;
  • diffusion of high-speed rectifying diodes for rectified currents up to 30 A;
  • diffusion of high-voltage rectifier piles with high speed response to voltages up to10 kV;
  • planar process of high-speed rectifying diodes for direct currents up to 1А;
  • planar process of low-noise field-effect transistors for drain currents up to 50 mA and voltage up to 30 V;
  • radiological control of semiconductor device parameters; 
  • thin wire attachment;
  • thin-film deposition;
  • electroplating of materials and metals; glass-to-metal sealing; 
  • transfer molding.

Production of semiconductor devices and integrated microcircuits is provided with:

  • a full package of engineering, measuring, and testing facilities necessary for product production;
  • a full package of regulations and specifications necessary for product production (state and industry-specific standards, tender and technical documentation, technical requirements, and specifications for equipment and rigging).

The technological infrastructure of the Company enables it to manufacture products at a required level of quality.

JSC FOTON is equipped with a fleet of modern metal-working machinery to manufacture complicated high-precision rigging (including stamping dies and press moulds), as well as tailored, engineering, measuring, and testing facilities .

The Company has laboratories to conduct complicated physical and chemical analyses, studies of materials and component parts used in the production of semiconductor devices. The results of these analyses and studies are used both for input control and improvement of the engineering process.

JSC FOTON has a testing laboratory which conducts all necessary tests of the finished products as required by regulatory documentation (climatic, mechanical, reliability, and storage tests), as well as Chief Metrologist Service, attested by UZSTANDART Agency for compliance with the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001-2008.

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The main area of activity of the Joint Stock Company (JSC FOTON) is development and production of electronic equipment and integrated circuits for electronic facilities, as well as manufacturing of various electronics products.


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